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Goodale Inn

Investigation:   Goodale Inn

Date:  January 15, 2010

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Area of Location: Beech Island, South Carolina

Site History: The Goodale Inn was built in 1799 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 as the Fitzsimmons-Hampton House.  The house, a federal-style, multi-story building, was once a 500-acre plantation established by Thomas Goodale in 1740.  According to early historical accounts, Mr. Goodale operated the Sandbar Ferry at the nearby river crossing, in addition to a restaurant and inn.  The new owners are currently renovating it.

In 1799, the year the home was built, the site was sold to a Charleston, South Carolina merchant named Christopher Fitzsimmons, who later gave the home to his daughter Ann and her new husband, Wade Hampton, Jr., as dowry.  His son, Wade Hampton III, would later become governor of South Carolina.  On December 21, 1832, Fitzsimmons married Sarah Louise Twiggs of Richmond County and they had two children, George Twiggs Eve and Anna Lou Eve.  From 1839-1850, the inn was the home of Dr. Paul Fitzsimmons Eve (1806-1877), Dean of the Medical College and a surgeon for the Confederacy.  Sarah died in May of 1851.  In 1852, he married Sarah Ann Duncan of Barnwell, South Carolina and they had three children, Duncan, Sarah, and Paul.  Later, Jonathan Miller, Surgeon General for the Army of Tennessee, made the Goodale Inn his home.  The Goodale Inn is also known as the Fitzsimmons-Hampton House.

Eyewitness Reports of Paranormal Phenomena: There have been many reports of seeing a light on in an upstairs room.  The silhouette of a little girl was seen in one of the upstairs windows.  Noises from the attic, doors opening on their own, and footsteps on the stairs were also reported.

Investigators Present: Rina White, Thomas Swindol, Tim Moran, Josh Wilmoth, Rachelle Moran.

Equipment Used: K2-meter, TriField meter, Lutron EMF-822A, Sony HandyCams, digital voice recorders, flashlights, digital cameras, static night-vision camera.

Phenomena Experienced:  Children’s laughter was heard on the second floor landing.  The feeling of being followed was reported on the basement stairs.

Evidence Collected:  An EVP of a child screaming was captured on audio in the attic area.

***A follow-up investigation will be performed as the renovation process continues***

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